Last updated on 9/27/2002

OLE DB Provider Development Toolkit

Do you have proprietary data that you need to publish to the outside world? Are you unsure about how to publish it? Are you interested in Microsoft's Universal Data Access (UDA) strategy and the OLE DB technology? Is the OLE DB specification too complex for you? Are you interested in an easy way to quickly publish your data?

OPTk is a development toolkit used to create OLE DB[*] providers with absolute ease! With OPTk, you can easily create data providers that expose any kind of information through OLE DB, which can then be accessed from high-level data consumers such as the ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) technology. Since OLE DB and ADO are Microsoft standards for high-performance distributed data access, you're guaranteed that this technology will be supported by a wide range of third party vendors and solutions providers.

Download a fully functional version of OPTk today and see for yourself how you can easily create data providers that can expose your proprietary data for universal access!

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Download OPTk 1.0.1 (for Delphi 5) (1.5 MB). Last Updated on 12/15/2013

[*] OLE DB is the underlying technology behind Microsoft's Universal Data Access strategy. OPTk allows you to easily create custom providers that adhere to the OLE DB specification. 

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